Snow and Ice Management

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New England is not shy of snow each year. The need for a professional snow removal service is unquestionable. Tony Meccia’s goal is to provide the most efficient and safest snow and ice removal services available to all our clients.

One of the most common places where snow may accumulate during a storm happens to be a driveway. From snow removal of driveways to parking lots and sidewalks, our team, from owners to operators, all strive to create a stress-free winter for our clients. We also provide salt and sanding services.

If you own a private property (residential or commercial), you are typically responsible for removing snow from your driveway. Available throughout the entire winter season, our professionals are a phone call away. Contact Tony Meccia, Inc. for your residential or commercial snow removal services and ice management.


Residential Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Driveway Snow Removal

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Street Snow Removal

Salt and Sanding Services